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Minefields of the Heart

Christ Our Savior’s Military Ministry Director, Dr. Finnell, received this email message from Sue Diaz, mother of Iraqi veteran Sergeant Diaz. Take a few moments to watch the video and consider reading her book, Minefields of the Heart:

How do combat veterans and their loved ones bridge the divide that war, by its very nature, creates between them? How does someone who has fought in a war come home, especially after a tour of duty marked by near-daily mortar attacks, enemy fire, and roadside bombs? With a journalist’s eye and a mother’s warmth, Sue Diaz asks these questions as she chronicles the two deployments to Iraq of her son, Sgt. Roman Diaz, from the perspective of the home front.


Dear Dr. Finnell,
I’d like to share with you a short (3-minute) video story of the beginning of my son’s journey home after two long deployments in Iraq’s Triangle of Death. Here’s the YouTube link:

It’s a true story that also offers hope. And I think it’s one that many military families can relate to. If you think so too, please feel free to post or share it in any way you feel appropriate with those your ministry reaches.


Sue Diaz — journalist, Blue Star mom, and leader of writing workshops for veterans

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